The best Claris FileMaker Cloud hosting on servers all over the world (ISO 27001), starting at €100 per month.
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256-bit AES-encryption

Secure your data hosted on Claris FileMaker Server with strong 256-bit AES encryption.

ISO 27001 certified

Amazon Web Services (AWS), has its own ISO 27001 certification for its data centers, infrastructure and operations.

Claris Partner

99,9% uptime

Affordable Claris FileMaker hosting plans with 99.9% uptime and phone support.

FileMaker Business Aliance FBA

Servers all over the world

Servers all over the world to provide secure acces to your FileMaker solution

Claris FileMaker Hosting


For the best and most reliable Claris FileMaker Cloud hosting, choose makes it easy for you to securely store your Claris FileMaker solution on servers in the EU/UK/US (ISO 27001) and to make it accessible for various devices (desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet) via a secure SSL connection. is part of CARD Solutions.

At you are assured of the following:
• 99,9% uptime
• Sufficient bandwidth
• Claris FileMaker Certified Developers for support and development
• Member of the FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA)
• Certified Claris Partner and a Certified FileMaker Reseller
• ISO 27001 certified
• Servers in the EU/UK/US
• SSL connections
• 256-bit AES encryption

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Claris FileMaker 19 Cloud hosting

• Intel Xeon processors

• Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Linux)
• ISO 27001
• AWS (Amazon Web Services)
• Bring Your Own License (BYOL)
• Connections dependent on FileMaker license
• SSL included
• EUR 100,- per month

Minimum contract of 1 year, can be terminated annually (3 months before the end of the contract). Other configurations are possible. Order now!

Claris FileMaker 19 Dedicated hosting

• Apple M1-chip with 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU

• 16GB RAM
• 256GB SSD
• macOS
• Bring Your Own License (BYOL)
• Connections dependent on FileMaker license
• SSL certificate required
• EUR 169,- per month

Minimum contract of 2 years, can be terminated annually (3 months before the end of the contract). Other configurations are possible. Order now!
Claris FileMaker hosting

Setup costs

4 hours (€ 105,- p.h.) of work including placing your Claris FileMaker files: € 420,- Optional installation/purchase of Claris FileMaker plugins/ODBC or domain/DNS changes regarding SSL are not included in this price.

Maintenance and support

Based on hourly rate or a Blockhour contract.

Claris FileMaker 19 licenses

Contact us for all Claris FileMaker license prices.

SSL for FileMaker 19

See Claris FileMaker SSL Certification for more information. After installing an SSL certificate, when you connect to the Claris FileMaker files, you will see a green lock in the top right corner that indicates that the data is secure.

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You can set up a backup schedule in consultation with our Claris FileMaker developers (for Claris FileMaker Dedicated hosting only).

Dedicated Claris FileMaker 19 on-premises server

Delivery and installation of a dedicated Claris FileMaker 19 server on location (on-premise) is of course possible. Please contact us for this.

CARD Solutions is part of CARD Solutions

Claris FileMaker hosting. Online in 24 hours!

Claris FileMaker Hosting

Claris FileMaker Pro 19 licenses

As a Claris FileMaker Reseller, we can also purchase Claris FileMaker licenses for you. You can find our prices for FileMaker licenses below.

Claris FileMaker GO 19

Use Claris FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone to access custom apps and share information with your team on the go.

Free download claris FileMaker GO 19
Team license: 5 users

5 user team license Claris FileMaker, incl. Claris FileMaker server.

From € 960,- per year

An easy way for teams of 5 or more to license Claris FileMaker software is the FileMaker team licenses. Claris FileMaker licensing for teams, with Claris FileMaker Server and User Connections, gives your team instant access to your custom apps via Claris FileMaker Pro (User Connection), Claris FileMaker Go, or Claris FileMaker WebDirect.

Order your Claris FileMaker team license
Claris FileMaker Pro 19

Claris FileMaker Pro includes a set of advanced tools to help you design and develop custom apps faster and easier.

€ 576,- per license Order Claris FileMaker Pro 19
Education / non-profit / ANBI

A cheaper rate applies for non-profit/ANBI customers or education. Please inquire with us for these rates. These rates start from € 575,- per year for a 5 user team license Claris FileMaker, incl. Claris FileMaker server.

Order your Non-profit claris FileMaker team licenseClaris Partner
Claris FileMaker hosting

Claris FileMaker Development

Tired of running into the limitations of standard solutions? Choose a Claris FileMaker Pro solution. Claris FileMaker Pro is flexible, versatile and fits seamlessly into your business processes. At we also have the best Certified FileMaker developers

Claris FileMaker hosting

Website integration

You may want to make certain functions from your Claris FileMaker Pro database accessible to your website visitors. In that case, we can also realize this integration for you. Examples of integrations are modules where you can make reservations or view customer data and process information in an online environment with the right security. Discuss your wishes with the developers of!

Claris FileMaker Cloud

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Claris FileMaker Dedicated

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Custom Claris FileMaker

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